Do We Want Roger Stone in the Cannabis Movement?

Roger Stone is a king of controversy. 

Known for operating under the rule:

“It’s better to be talked about than ignored.”

He makes it clear that he isn’t in the room because he has good intentions.  He is there because he wants money and/or fame. 

As a member of the cannabis movement and industry, I can tell you from experience that there is no shortage of people in this movement who are in it for money or fame. All “chomping at the bit”, to make money off of looking the most compassionate.

Roger Stone has always been vocal about the legalization of marijuana.  Something that has often set him apart from his ultra conservative counterparts, but recently he has been taking some major steps to get into this movement.  The question remains “why?”

He has been speaking at random marijuana conferences, and is now even a possible witness in a lawsuit against members of the Trump administration, Jeff Sessions.

There is no doubt that the man has political pull.  And the man knows how to get things done as far as politics is concerned. However, is controversial stance and dirty political tricks have many activists questioning whether or not his involvement in the movement would be beneficial. Some activists organizations have even gone as far as to ban his events!

What do you think?  Should Roger Stone be involved in cannabis? Is his ability to get his agenda done enough to open our arms in the movement to him?  Or is his past enough to taint the cannabis movement?