Super Bowl Player Benched for Cannabis

Patriots fans were puzzled by the absence of star cornerback, Malcolm Butler, from last nights Super Bowl.

After the team lost 42-33, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick was asked why Malcolm was excluded from the game.  Of which he gave a vague answer.

“I appreciate the question, but it would be a much longer discussion,” he said. “There are a lot of things that go into that. In the end, the final decision is what I said it was.”

Not a very satisfying answer, which leaves fans unsatisfied and speculating on why he was excluded.  After the loss, it seems like the general consensus is that, if Butler had played, he would have been able to turn the game around.

So… why didn’t he play?

One rumor, circulating through Twitter, is that Malcolm Butler was not allowed to play due to a small run in with police, where he missed curfew and was found with cannabis.

If true, this would be an interesting predicament, there is a strong call from medical marijuana activists to allow NFL players to use medical marijuana.

Why Should the NFL Allow Cannabis?

So far, this has not been confirmed. Neither Belichick, nor Butler have denied or confirmed the allegation.  However, with no clear explanation from the Patriots organization, for why Butler was left out of the Super Bowl, this seems like the only solid explanation as to why Butler was not allowed to play.  His absence still remains unusual, and could have cost the Patriots the Super Bowl this year.