Selling Cannabis With Shopify

Anyone who has started a cannabis related company can tell you that dealing with the companies finances is extremely difficult.  Due to cannabis’ status as a federally illegal substance, simple things like banking can be difficult for any cannabis business.  Similarly, payment processing is often a hurdle to overcome. Many payment processors are weary of servicing the cannabis industry over the simple fact that they don’t want transactions involving a federally illegal substance to be ran over their system. 

Also, ecommerce can prove to be difficult as well.  Selling cannabis online can be done (depending on local cannabis laws); however, using an ecommerce solution, like Woocommerce or Shopify, has been traditionally out of the question. Just like payment processing and banking, these ecommerce solutions are not interested in contributing to the sale of a federally illegal substance. 

However, Canadian cannabis company Hydropothecary Corp. recently announced that they will handle their online sales with a Shopify store. Their website hasn’t been built yet, but this would be a step in the right direction to legitimizing the cannabis industry and culture. The website will be able to streamline the ordering process by verifying patient and their prescription automatically, making ordering easier.