Nursing Homes are Keeping Cannabis from Seniors

Seniors have been the largest growing demographic for medical cannabis for  quite some time now.  Rightfully so.  The, often times, marijuana friendly hippies of the Beat Generation are slowly slipping into old age and those who weren’t so cannabis friendly are finding out the benefits of cannabis over pharmaceuticals. Some of these seniors are taking multiple medications, some of which are to treat the harmful side effects of the other, and they find out that a plant can take away the need for some, if not all, of their medication. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that, between 2006 and 2013, the rate of cannabis use in people 65 and older had risen by 250%.  

Thanks to a growing public acceptance of medical cannabis, and the 29 states who have legalized cannabis, access for seniors has become easier than ever.  The problem lies in where to consume cannabis.  Nursing homes don’t seem to want to take on the risk of allowing their residents to consume cannabis. 

Leafly recently ran an article where they randomly called 100 different nursing to ask about their medical cannabis policy.  They found only 3 that were receptive to the idea. The most receptive of which asked that the cannabis would be locked up when not in use. 

So why aren’t these facilities receptive to effective and natural medicine.  Well.. the reason lies in where they tend to get their funding.  Many nursing homes (the majority of them) are funded by Medicare!  Meaning many nursing homes are actually funded by the federal government. 

Senior citizens need medical cannabis more than anyone, and it is horrible to think that those who reside in nursing homes are not able to use it.