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    There’re mainly two types of rail shoulders: cast in shoulder and weld on shoulder.
    Cast in shoulder also named cast iron shoulder, cast hook in shoulder or elastic shoulder which is pressed in concrete sleeper and used together with E clip to fasten the rails.
    The material for this kind of cast iron shoulder is spheroidal graphite cast iron or grey iron or alloy cast iron.
    We have supplied cast iron shoulder to suit E clip type e2000 series, e1800, e1600 series.
    The cast iron shoulders can be of different shape, some of the cast shoulders are used together with clip bolt and special rail clip to fix the rail.
    Shanghai Bosheng Industries is specialized in the supplying of rails, turnouts and various rail fastening materials such as rail fishplate, tie plate, rail clips, screw spikes, rail anchors, rail shoulder, rail pads and so on.Twin Leg Cast Shoulder factory