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    Wood Door Automatic Spraying Machine
    The inhaled paint is pressurized, and the paint is conveyed to the spray gun of the sprayer through a high-pressure hose, and the paint is instantaneously atomized by the spray gun and released to the surface of the coated object. The spraying machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, a spray gun and an atomization generating source. Suitable for leather handbags, gift packaging, furniture, footwear, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

    Machine Configuration
    CNC automatic painting machine is not in the simple sense to replace the manual painting work, but a combination of human and machine expertise of a anthropomorphic electronic mechanical devices, both on the state of the environment and rapid analysis of the ability to judge, but also has Can be a long time continuous work, high precision, resistance to harsh environments, is the indispensable furniture manufacturing automation painting equipment.
    Wood Door Automatic Spraying Machine
    Wood Door Automatic Spraying Machine Main Parameter
    Technical Parameter
    Effective process width(mm)300~1000
    Effective process height(mm)10~50
    Effective process length(mm)600~2500
    Oil driveDiaphram pump
    Air pressure(Mpa)0.4~0.6
    Servo system(kw)0.85 0.75 0.37 Taiwan Delta servo motor
    PLCFP-X C6OR panasonic
    Spray gun brandJapan IWATA
    Spray gun caliber(mm)1.0
    Spray gun amount2
    Conveyor speed(min/pic)1~5
    Conveyor waysRotation type
    Paints typePU、UV、NC、AC、Water-based paints
    Outer size(mm)4200×2200×1800
    Total power(kw)3.47

    Wood Door Automatic Spraying Machine
    Machine Configuration
    1. The use of five-axis CNC spray paint machine structure, painting speed, spray gun can be multi-angle flexible rotation, fully realize the anthropomorphic painting method.
    2. Can be wooden doors and plate workpiece (large plate) of the four sides,special-shaped surface or arc through a pre-set procedures to uniform spraying.
    3. The whole Chinese digital programming, by entering the size of the workpiece parameters and the number of spray paint, you can automatically generate painting procedures, is the true sense of the
    Automation;procedures can memorize 1000 different programs, both on the 1000 different specifications of the workpiece CNC automatic painting.
    4. The machine configuration automatically flip structure, only the wooden doors on the flip frame can be achieved on the flip side of the wood painting process, do not need jigs auxiliary Help,save operating time, easy to operate.
    Wood Door Automatic Spraying Machine Detail Image


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