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    Luxury Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set Professional Custom Logo Makeup Brushes From China Manufacturer
    Introducing our latest collection of handcrafted luxurious Makeup Brushes. This pack holds 10 specially selected cruelty free brushes. These brushes have been made from superior synthetic fibers and no animals were hurt in the process. Carefully crafted with the right density, length and bounciness while remaining extremely gentle on the skin. Flawless makeup application every time! Brush handles are individually labeled with functional names engraved on the handle for easy reference.
    1. Product Introduction
    Different shapes and sizes allow for different types of application Can be used to apply foundation, blush, and other powders. Anti bacterial materials and 100% animal-free, luxurious and high-performance brush kit.
    2. Product Parameter
    Hair Synthetic hair
    Ferrule: Electroplated Aluminum
    Handle material Plastic with rubber painting surface
    Numbers per kit 10pcs
    Weight 183g

    3. Product Features
    Rubber paint surface treatment;
    Ergonomic structural design;
    Soft fiber hair with reasonable length;
    Appropriate thickness;
    This is our latest research and development of a patented product, welcome for OEM making
    4. Lead Time and MOQ
    Lead time for OEM orders : two weeks after sample approved.
    MOQ for OEM making: 1K

    5. FAQ:
    Q: Can you make this set of private logo?
    A: Yes, of course. We are authorized for its patent authorization for this kit , so we could make any of our products with private logo.
    Q: What is the bristle different between natural and synthetic hair?
    A: Natural hair bristles are sourced from animals — commonly goats and horses. We encourage consumers to look for companies that are environmentally friendly and obtain the hairs in a cruelty-free manner.The perks of natural hair brushes include the following:They’re softer on the skin.They absorb oil from the skin.They contain a cuticle that’s perfect for picking up powder products.They distribute pigment evenly across the face.They blend makeup smoothly on the skin.
    Synthetic bristles are made of microfiber materials like nylon and polyester.The bristles hold tightly together to help create a sharp, clean, streak-free line in one swipe.Their lack of a cuticle means they don’t soak up and waste liquid and cream products.They are perfect for basic eyeshadow brushes.They make great foundation and concealer brushes.
    Q: Can you make ODM or OEM?
    A: Yes. We are an innovated makeup brush manufacturer. With our own designing team, we are specialized in OEM, ODM for your brand. We are well assured the quality and make the products according to customer quality requirement and exceeding customer requirement.
    Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set