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    1. General Introduction
    AFV30S Field Control Unit features outstanding processing performance and a large application storage capacity, yet inherits the same quality and stability that are the hallmark of the CENTUM series. It compose of Processor modules CP461/CP471, power supplies PW482/PW481/PW484. Processor modules, power supplies, I/O modules, and communication buses all support redundant configuration. The latest release of the controller has been optimized to take full advantage of advancements in field digital technology that will help plants operate with increased efficiency and stability. A high speed remote I/O unit enables connecting controllers over remote site up to 50 kilometers via optical fiber cables.
    2. Standard Specification
    Main CharactersDescription
    Memory Protection During Power FailureBattery S9548FA,
    Back-up for Main Memory: Max. 72 hours,
    Recharge Time: Min. 48 hours
    Contact Output2 terminals (NC, C), Contact Points open during FCU failure, Contact Rating: 30 V DC, max. 0.3 A
    Communication InterfaceVnet/IP Interface: Dual-redundant
    No. of Node Units ConnectableMax. 13 of ESB Bus Node Units ANB10 or Optical ESB Bus Node Units ANB11
    Connection to ESB Bus Node UnitESB Bus Coupler Module EC401 or EC402 required.
    For the dual-redundant configuration of the processor modules, EC401 or EC402 must be installed in both slot 7 and slot 8 .
    In case ESB Bus has a single configuration, EC401 or EC402 must be installed in slot 7 and keep slot 8 empty.
    Power Supply ModuleVoltage: 220-240 V AC, Frequency: 50/60 Hz, PW482;
    Voltage: 100-120 V AC, Frequency: 50/60 Hz, PW481;
    Voltage: 24 V DC, PW484.
    2 modules for dual-redundant configuration.
    Processor ModuleCP461 and CP471(applicable for R6.05 or later version),
    A dual-redundant configuration is enabled by using 2 identical modules
    I/O Module SlotsSupport max. 8 I/O modules
    3. Model Selection of AFV30S Field Control Unit
    ModelSuffix CodesDescription
    Field Control Unit (for Vnet/IP and FIO, 19-inch Rack Mountable)
    Standard type (for CP471)
    Standard type (for CP461)
    Dual-redundant Vnet/IP, single power supply
    Dual-redundant Vnet/IP, dual-redundant power supply
    Always 1
    100 – 120 V AC power supply
    220 – 240 V AC power supply
    24 V DC power supply
    Basic type
    With ISA Standard G3 option
    Basic type with no explosion protection
    With ISA Standard G3 option and no explosion protection
    Basic type with explosion protection
    With ISA Standard G3 option and explosion protection
    LFS1700 Control function for field control station( for CP461)
    Always 2 (R6.01 or later)
    /HKUWith HKU interface
    /ATDOCExplosion Protection Manual
    /MRNWith Marine Standards
    4. Tpyical Order Codes
    Typical order codesRemarks
    AFV30S-S31201CP461, single 220V, Basic
    AFV30S-S41201CP461, redundant 220V, Basic
    AFV30S-S31252CP461, single 220V, Basic, R6
    AFV30S-S41252CP461, redundant 220V, Basic, R6
    5. System Configuration
    6. External DimensionField Control Unit supplier