Jeff Sessions Stopped By Senate Because of Cannabis

Jeff Sessions is now known as the United States’s biggest enemy to the cannabis industry. However, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner has retaliated against Sessions by freezing the Trump administration’s Justice Department nominees. It’s been a month since the blockade started and Sessions is pissed!

“It’s just getting to be frustrating!” the attorney general said in a speech to the National Sheriffs Association on Monday. “We’re trying to confirm a number of important component heads at the Department of Justice,” but “we can’t even get a vote!”

After he rescinded the Cole memo earlier this year, Gardner decided to block Trump administration appointments to the Justice Department.  He’s successfully prevented 11 nominations from going to a Senate floor vote. Including such positions as heads of the department’s criminal, civil rights, and national security divisions.

After Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand resigned last week the pressure to move these nominees into their position has increased. Brand is the departments third ranking official after Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.