Jeff Sessions Can’t Touch the Cannabis Industry: Here is Why!

It is’t a done deal yet, until congress formally approves and the President signs it, but congress approved a budget proposal last night that would keep certain protections, on the cannabis industry, into effect until September 30th.  These protections prohibit the funding on the persecution of cannabis businesses that are in accordance with state law.

Although the whole cannabis world was “up in arms” about Jeff Sessions rescinding the Cole Memo a few months back.  The truth is the Cole Memo put little to no protection on the cannabis industry.  It was simply a MEMO! Just a piece of paper with some guidelines written on it.  It was the smallest attack on the cannabis industry that Sessions was able to do.  

However, if the Rohrabacher- Blumenauer Amendment, which prevents the funding of the Department of Justice to go after state approved cannabis businesses, was not to be included in the budget that is soon to be approved we would have something to actually be worried about. 

Sessions has definitely been vocal about his dislike for cannabis and people who consume cannabis.  And rescinding the Cole Memo is definitely a statement. However, to properly take down the cannabis industry he will need the help of congress, which seems to have little interest in providing him with any.  If congress passes this budget, which they likely will, Sessions will have his hands tied. Without the funding to come after us, he won’t be able to do so!