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Usage of flonase:

Patient/Family Teaching ● Advise flonase patient to take medication exactly as directed .
Take missed doses flonase as soon as remembered unless almost time for next dose .
flonase ● Instruct patient in correct technique for administering nasal spray .
Shake well be- flonase fore use .
Before first-time use, prime unit by flonase how long to use over the counter flonase coupon is flonase the same as fluticasone spraying 6 times .
If not used for at least 7 days or if cap flonase left off for more than 5 days, reprime unit .
Warn patient flonase is it a steroid can you give a child flonase prescription flonase vs otc flonase how to that temporary nasal stinging may occur .
Instruct patient to stop fluticasone and notify health care professional immediately if signs of anaphylaxis (rash, hives, difficulty breathing, swollen lips or flonase throat) occur .

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