Cop Caught Smoking Pot

Lumberton, Mississippi Police Chief Shane Flynt was caught on tape smoking a pipe and babbling about how he likes to smoke weed. This video was recorded by his “very vindictive” wife and clearly shows the sheriff smoking what appears to be cannabis.

Although we don’t like to jump to conclusions, it appears the footage was recorded during christmas time. Christmas music was playing in the background and an inebriated Flynt explains how he likes “Rudolph the rednosed reindeer”.

You can see Flynt’s police uniform hanging in the background or the footage where we can see Flynt boasting about being a cop, smoking weed, and being the coolest!

Flint posted a statement on Facebook  about the incident:

“They recorded me in a vulnerable state and they planned every minute of it,” Flynt wrote. “This person being my wife who is obviously very vindictive. I love serving the town of Lumberton, the people there are like family to me. It saddens my heart that I’ve disappointed many as well as myself.”

It sounds shocking that a police officer, who vowed to uphold the law, was smoking cannabis.  But… if you think about it… is it really that shocking?  Cannabis never harmed anyone or caused anyone’s death, has been found to have extreme medical value, to be extremely safe, and most of America is in favor of legalization in some form. Granted he is to uphold the law.  If cops start breaking the law there would be certain pandemonium.  But it is indeed unfair and outright wrong that cannabis is restricted to the general public, it should be unfair that police are restricted from using it too.  I mean the man is being judged for just smoking some weed and laughing with his friends.

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