California Cannabis Industry Needs to Fill Tons of Jobs

Hundreds lined up and waited outside of a Sacramento job fair last Saturday. Their aim was to network their way to employment in the cannabis industry.  Some waited as long as two hours to enter the Hacker Lab, whom held the job fair, in midtown to get in. 

“We’re here to spot talent that could be with us as we grow for the future as well,” said Marj Hebert of Connected Sacramento.

January 1st of this year marked the first day of adult use cannabis sales in California.  Needless to say, they need a lot of help. Some companies even doubling their staff. 

“So Jan. 1 we had about 30 members on staff,” Paul Amaro of Northstar Holistic said. “Now we’re about to double that so it’s growing for sure.”

Herbert of Connected Sacramento is recruiting for all kinds of jobs. Including, cultivation and distribution. 

“We have over 130 [employees] and we expect to have 300 by year’s end or maybe the middle of next year,” Hebert said. “We have a lot of revenue flowing into Stockton, into Sacramento. It is a boon for the state.”

Herbert is also expanding their finance department, looking for experienced experts in that field. 

“I’m looking for financial people as well as senior accountants, financial analysts because now we have to figure out telling the story,” Hebert said.

Of course, experts in cannabis itself are in high demand.  But many of these cannabis companies are looking for more traditional job titles.  The cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate and professionals of all kind are in high demand to help entrepreneurs keep up with the growth. 

“We’re looking for production techs, kitchen techs, a whole bunch of sales people, and really excited about the turnout we’re seeing today,” said Landon Lang of Infusion Factory.