Balling on a Budget: Visiting Denver’s Dispensaries Without Spending Too Much

Having visited Denver a few times I’ve noticed some trends as far as their cannabis market goes.  The locals to the area refer to their recent economic change as the “2014 Cannabis Boom”.  The cannabis market helped out the local economy quite a bit, and even sparked boosts in other markets, including real estate and tourism. This shows that cannabis has become a bit commercialized in the area.  Catering to cannabis tourism means that many dispensaries in the area are there to make as much money as possible off of the cannabis tourist.

It is a great experience to visit a trendy, downtown dispensary, but you will get more for your buck if you follow a few simple rules. 

Try to Find a “Lower Key” Dispensary

Instead of visiting one of the downtown, trendy dispensaries, try using weedmaps to find one off the beat and path. Compare prices right there on Weedmaps and find a place with the best deal.  Some of these trendy spots might even mark up their product as much as 20-100%!

Bring Cash

Many dispensaries only accept cash.  They might have an atm for you to use, but it is probably best to avoid a hefty transaction fee. Also a great way to limit what you spend (it is easy to get excited in a dispensary) is to only spend the cash you bring. 

Network With Some Growers

Make it a goal to faze out the whole dispensary thing all together. You might not be able to achieve this on your first visit, but get in tight with some growers. These are the people who sell to these retail locations.  Just take out the middleman. 

Learn to Roll a Joint

Pre-Rolled joints are fun and convenient. However, they probably contain the worst cannabis from the harvest and are marked up just because they took the “stress” of rolling a joint out of the equation. 

Don’t Smoke in Your Hotel Room

Pay attention to where you end up staying.  Public consumption is still illegal and many hotels will clober you with a smoking fine.  These fines can be up to $150!  Try and find a place on Airbnb that is marked 420 friendly.  Also look for smoking lounges or clubs that offer a safe place to consume your cannabis.