5 Ways You Can Treat Pain With Cannabis

At this point in time, we all know that cannabis is medicine.  There is a very small, and crazy, part of the population that is ignorant to medical cannabis. But for the most prt we are all aware of the medical benefits of cannabis. 

That being said… we all may not be aware of how to utilize cannabis as medicine. It’s not all about smoking joints. Even just treating pain has a few ways that cannabis can be utilized effectively. 

Let’s take a look at 5 ways cannabis can be used to treat pain:




You may have heard of someone incorrectly refer to this stuff as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). FECO, or full extract cannabis oil is most effective and potent way to utilize cannabis as medicine.  2 conditions must be met to qualify as FECO:

1) It must be a whole plant extraction. Meaning there must be an effort to preserve as many cannabinoids and terpenoids present in the original plant. Therefore utilizing as many of the medical components of the plant as possible.

2) Ethanol or Grain Alcohol must be used as the extraction solvent.  Several solvents can be used to extract the oils of the cannabis plant. Butane and CO2 are just a few examples, but FECO isn’t specifically made for vaping or dabbing.  RSO is commonly mistaken to be FECO, but RSO is actually made with isopropyl alcohol. With doses the size of a rice grain, measured out by an oral syringe or premessured in a capsule, FECO is made to be consumed orally.



One of the most effective ways to administer cannabinoid therapy is to administer the cannabinoids as close to the infected area as possible. Topicals come as lotions, balms, and salves. Rubbing these topicals on an area giving you a great deal of pain is a very effective treatment.  This way of administering cannabis doesn’t get you high, even when using a High THC topical. Because they are administered directly to the skin, there is no chance of the topical having a psychoactive effect. Also because they are administered to the skin, they are great for muscle and joint pain. 


CBD Isolates

The only option on our list that is 100% legal in all 50 states.  CBD isolate, which is often derived from the hemp plant, is an effective treatment for pain.  CBD isolate has a crystally, powdery form and is really just a pure form of the Cannabinoid CBD.  Although whole plant medicines are more effective, this is an option, that is completely legal, and wont give any psychoactive effects.  The crystalline powder can be put in food and drinks for oral ingestion. 



Cannabis sublingual are a great alternative to smoking. Similar to edibles, sublinguals are taken orally; however, they kick in a little quicker. They are administered in the sublingual cavity under the tongue, because of this these products are can enter the bloodstream anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute. Sublinguals include tinctures and oral sprays and can be found at most dispensaries. If you can’t get to a dispensary then you could make a tincture at home pretty easily.



Before you laugh at the thought of sticking cannabis up your butt, you might be interested in knowing that suppositories are an effective way to treat issues of the rectum and digestive system.  This is a difficult area to treat.  Even taking cannabis orally might not be an effective way to treat later parts of the digestive system. Suppositories are a great way to treat an area that can cause extreme discomfort and pain when infected. You might giggle when you hear about cannabis suppositories but they are indeed great medicine. You can simply make a cannabis suppository with some FECO, some cocoa butter, a suppository mold, and a freezer.